• We endeavour to provide the best service to our customers at all times
  • We declare that we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office for the protection of all data
  • We undertake to hold up the prestige of the British Toy industry and the retailers we supply
  • We undertake to market only toys that conform to the appropriate legislation
  • We undertake to exercise due diligence in regard to the safety of our products
  • We undertake to deal promptly with any enquiries in to safety of our products and take effective action where appropriate
  • We declare that we will apply appropriate ethical standards used for manufacturing of Kids@Play toys, we agree to the principals entailed in the ICTI Code of Business practices
  • We declare we do not manufacture or market any product that could possibly be deemed to be counterfeit. We never infringe on our competitors IP or trade mark protection
  • We undertake that all Kids@Play advertising in whatever form is legal, decent, honest and truthful in its conformity with both the BCAP (The UK code of Broadcast Advertising) the CAP (UK Code of Non Broadcast Advertising), sales promotion and any direct marketing
  • We declare that we use our facilities in China are audited every 24 months, by a third party to ensure its companies ethically and technically. All audit reports are shared with our customers technical managers and ethical compliance teams
  • Kids@play values its reputation for lawful and ethical business behaviour and is committed to high standards of integrity, transparency and accountability in all that it does
  • Before any audit or inspection takes place our third party service provider will explain their code of conduct which details their integrity policy and a copy of this code is signed by all parties

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