About Us

Kids@Play is an award winning design and manufacturing company, featured in the Welsh Fast Growth 50 Companies listings, winning high praise and esteem for being the fastest growing company for manufacturing and engineering and receiving an award for sustainable growth.

Incorporated back in 2005 the company has a spares and services division based in South Wales, its own offices in Hong Kong and a dedicated workplace headed up by Malcolm Evans who has worked in the British Toy Industry for 40 years.

The company is a Sedex member and engages with all tiers of the supply chain with its aim of constantly improving. We care passionately about labour standards, health and safety, our environment and business ethics. Kids@Play regularly audit their factory sites in China, every 24 months for its ethical compliance and updates, also every 24 months for its technical abilities to ensure we can achieve what we say. We endeavour to achieve at all times.

Kids@Play are members of the British Toy and Hobby Manufactures Association. Also a committee member of the Equitoy Group which is the association for Toy Importers. Kids@Play produce only the best quality toy products, we invest substantial time and resources in making safe, high quality, affordable fun toys. Our mission statement is “Bring the fun back into childhood”. Whilst we produce products for our own brand Kids@Play we also have a great reputation for manufacturing for other key brands.

We have produced products for Lucas Films, MG cars, Disney, ITV, Thunderbirds, Doctor Who, Shaun The Sheep, Dennis The Menace, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Oddbobs, Land Rover and JCB, to name just a few. Additionally we design and produce for other toy distributors and have one of the best Q.A inspection services in the world. We work closely with Test Houses, trade and retail organisations to ensure that we manufacture to the highest possible standards.

With over 40 years’ experience in wheeled toys production and inflatable products, our reputation is second to none. We are proud to play our part in any childs life, we believe in the power and learning skills of playing and whole team can never forget that we were all once children ourselves. Some like our leader still are, there is not one toy he’s not played with! Here at Kids@Play we are all mad about toys, we have fun and we are dedicated to this wonderful world of toys.